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Botogen A/C Anti Odor Spray – Lavander

Odor Remover
It is a quick hygienic disinfection and cleaning product.
The vehicle is a fast hygienic disinfection and cleaning product.
It originates from bacteria, fungoids and microbes.
It prevents allergic reactions and leaves.

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Be sure to read the operating instructions.
Aerosol cans are extremely easy to use.
It is an effective, practical and reliable cleaning method for vehicle air conditioners by means of volatile gas without injecting any liquid or foam into the air conditioning system.
Turn on your air conditioner and, when the vehicle is running, set the air conditioner to the coldest and fastest position.
Allow the air conditioner to cool the interior of the vehicle for a while.
Adjust the air conditioner to draw air from the inside.
Shake the product.
Press the “click” button on the front right seat and leave it horizontally using the box where the air conditioner is pulling.
The windows and doors must be fully closed.
No one should remain in the vehicle after the spray has been opened!
While the air conditioner is operating, the spray in the tube will drain and draw into the whole air conditioning system (this process takes about 2-3 minutes).
When the tube runs out, let the air conditioner work and circulate well in the vehicle for another 5 minutes.
Open the doors and windows fully and ventilate the vehicle thoroughly.

3 Years.

Keep container closed.
Keep away from children.
Do not use for cleaning hands, body, face and food.
In case of contact with skin, wash with plenty of water.
Do not throw empty boxes into fire.
Do not stand in the vehicle during use.

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Botogen is present in more than 20 countries around the world. We operate in Turkey, Turkic countries and Europe.

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