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Botogen Engine Oil Leak Preventer

Prevents and stops engine oil leaks without demounting.
Restores the elasticity of rubber and neoprene oil seal rings and O-rings.
Lubricates and maintains engine seals in good condition.
Will have no effect on the viscosity or performance of engine oil.
Is compatible with all mineral and synthetic, single- and multigrade oils.
Does not harm catalytic converters.

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The pAdd entire contents of one can to the engine oil.
Run engine to circulate. Drive vehicle normally.
One can of 300 ml treats up to 5,4 litres of engine oil.
Allow up to 270 miles/300 km for Engine Oil Leak Preventer to be fully effective.
If no improvement occurs, a mechanical deficiency is likely.
Application does not influence oil change intervals.

It Is 3 Years After Production.

You must read the instructions for use.
Do not use on hand, face, body and food stuffs.
Keep the opening of the package closed. Keep away from children.
Wash with plenty of water in case of eye contact.

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Botogen is present in more than 20 countries around the world. We operate in Turkey, Turkic countries and Europe.

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