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Botogen DPF Cleaner Fuel Additive

It’s cleaning agent for removing carbon and ash residues in diesel particle filters.
Dissolves and removes carbon residues accumulated in particle filters.
It provides cleaning without remowing diesel particulate filter.
It is used to eliminate performance degradation and failures caused by contaminated at diesel particulate filters.
Because of the cleaning process allows the filter to operate at full capacity again

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It is used by adding at least 40 lt and at most 60 lt to diesel fuel tank.
If the vehicle’s can-bus system congestion if the warning symbol illuminates in the cockpit of your vehicle, you must delete the relevant fault records from the vehicle system.
This process contributes it should be done near the end of the added fuel.
It is recommended to use 1 bottle of DPF Cleaner Fuel Additive per 3 fuel fillings to in order to keep the diesel particles filter clean.

It Is 3 Years After Production.

Keep away from childeren.
Don’t use for body clean.

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Botogen is present in more than 20 countries around the world. We operate in Turkey, Turkic countries and Europe.

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